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Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various
Financial Futures & Commodities

Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various Financial
Futures & Commodities

A Scientific Approach to Financial Astrology
based on the four elements
Earth, Water, Air and Fire

The "Financial Astrology Manifest"
explains market anomalies and secrets of
Astronomical Market Timing




Today marks the 6th anniversary of the Rosecast Market Timing service. On May 21st, 2002 I have published the first forecast for BondAstro Market Timing. On the same day the first paying subscribers (from Switzerland and the USA) have joined BondAstro Market Timing. BondAstro was named because at that time, I have had a strong interest in the Bond market. BondAstro was NOT named after the secret agent, expressing my desire to become the James Bond of financial astrology, although that thought has crossed my mind later - I admit it.

Sometimes people ask me what has been my track record with astrology over the years? What people do not understand is that astrology is NOT an indicator that you can follow like MACD signals, but a work in progress.
Just yesterday I have received new software from my chief programmer. The results are so far “quite amazing”. Something I have not expected. So I continue to learn.  By the way about 25% of Rosecast subscription and mentoring income is invested back into software development. Therefore every paying subscriber and student helps to make this service more reliable in the future.

Some of the methods I have made successful calls with a few years ago, I would now not even consider for the basis of a call, because the reliability of other methods is higher.

As I see it, every method of market timing will work once in a while. My aim is to “understand” the market, and to find methods that will indicate to me what the market is doing most of the time. This has worked quite well for me since January, 18, because since the beginning of that time period
Rosecast is leading the three months Timer Digest ranking. The next ranking date is June 2, 2008 and I will inform you then whether Rosecast is again #1 for the most recent period (March 2- June 2, 2008).

Some calls also require feedback from the market. I think the more you can integrate the actual market data into your trading model the better it is for the reliability of the model. This is also the reason why I have not changed the signal to short on May 12, 2008 – as originally forecasted – the actual market data has suggested otherwise. Still as an astrologer the aim is to make forecasts for the future in the style of WD Gann and this is also my aim. My primary focus is the S&P 500 stock index and the signals I forward to Timer Digest in this regard. As these signals are for a longer time period they are also easy to follow for non-professional investors and traders.

Timer Digest also tracks the Gold and Bond market top timers, but only on a yearly basis, while stock market (S&P 500) signals are tracked for three and six months as well. Currency forecasts are not tracked and that is why


I have also less motivation to invest time into these forecasts intensively. Still the Euro, Gold and Crude Oil are the most interesting commodities at the moment, because of the strong trends they have been experiencing.
Big events usually show up with big indications from the stars, so therefore I have a natural interest to improve my methods and to learn from these big events. Rosecast is currently ranked the #2 Gold market timer in the world for the most recent annual period, see alos below.



I am pleased to announce that in the latest issue of Timer Digest of May 12, 2008 has maintained its number ONE position for the last three months (February 9 to May 9). Even better the second best market timer has been outperformed by more than 12% and the third best market timer by almost 20%. The S&P 500 index has been outperformed by 27%. In the 6 months ranking Rosecast has lost one place to 4th position, but in the important yearly ranking, Rosecast has gained one place and is now in 5th position.
The Rosecast market commentary for the May 12 Timer Digest issue has read: “Markus Rose of is on an April 15 BUY signal. He sees a bullish day for Monday (May 12) as the Sun is forming a positive aspect to Jupiter on this very day. However he also warns that it is often the best time to sell stocks when things look best.”

Also I am pleased to announce that in the yearly ranking on GOLD, is now again in 2nd position, up from 4th position in the last issue of April 21. The last signal has been a SELL on March 18, 2008.


You can still
order the Bradley software (SCREENSHOT) now at a low price. Remember this software has not only the original Bradley Siderorgaph from 1947, but also the Rosecast Bradley which has indicated a turn for August 16, 2007, while the original Bradley did not.  In the future I will demonstrate through examples, why this 100% “made in astrology-land” indicator together with the Rosecast Bradley software is destined to achieve a worldwide acceptance of financial astrology.


If you are looking for particular topics (except forecasts for particular markets as these are covered by the subscriptions) to be addressed in this free newsletter, please email me. I intend to publish this newsletter more often in the future. Thank you.


Markus Rose



Scientific Financial Astrology