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Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various
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Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various Financial
Futures & Commodities

A Scientific Approach to Financial Astrology
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Written in March 2007

This is the first free financial astrology newsletter from Rosecast since December 2006.
In the last financial astrology newsletter I have discussed the Trispect, a term I have invented for signifying a special planetary formation of three planets. The Trispect is a very powerful new concept of modern financial astrology.
You can read about it for free on my homepage


In this financial astrology newsletter, I will discuss some basic principles of financial astrology. A principle is a basic truth about a study, on which more complicated knowledge is built upon. Without understanding the principles first, it is not possible to know about a subject.
Understanding these principles can help you
1) to judge whether financial astrology is something that interests you and
2) to make better investment and trading decisions, if you dabble in astrology already.

Therefore it might be worth your time reading on.



I want to start with a principal of financial astrology that most astrologers agree about and this principle goes like this: If the planets in the skies form aspects to each other (no matter what aspects and no matter what planets are involved), then something on Earth is going to happen. I want to call this principle the “Cluster” principle. A cluster is a short period in time (i.e. three days) where more astrological aspects come together, than they do during the rest of the time.
Applied to financial astrology this means, that the cluster period is going to have an effect on a market. Since markets trend most of the time, the anticipated effect of the cluster period is to change the trend of one market or several markets.
I believe that the cluster principle has some merits provided that you can attribute certain planets to particular markets, so that you can reduce the total amount of cluster periods for the one market you are trading.
The fact is that there will be more cluster periods, then significant trend changes. Therefore financial astrologers will tend to call tops in bull markets and bottoms in bear markets more often, than they do occur, because they look at an upcoming cluster and go “wow, this could be it, this could break the trend”, but then the market continues its trend.
So if you employ the Cluster principle, you will need to be aware of this fact.
The most prominent financial astrologer that has employed the cluster principle is Donald A. Bradley. Bradley would attribute positive and negative values to numerous planetary aspects in order to arrive at his Siderograph. The Siderograph is a measure of planetary activity or clusters. I have modified the original Siderograph formula, by turning negative values into positive ones and the result is the “Rosecast Bradley”. I have found that Clusters that show in both the Rosecast Bradley and the original Bradley have a higher significance, then normal clusters. You can see my compilation of Bradley models for the years 2004 to 2007 by following this link.

Most financial astrologers that rely on the cluster principle for market timing are quick to point out, that astrology cannot be used alone to time the market. One well known financial astrologer uses the study of cycles to identify longer periods of potential trend change and then uses the astrological cluster to further reduce that time periods.. Other financial astrologers use technical analysis or more arcane methods that often they are not able to describe themselves.
Results when using the cluster principle will also vary dependent on
1) what aspects are allowed to determine a cluster,
2) what planets are allowed,
3) and what other planetary phenomena (like sign changes) are allowed to enter the cluster-equation.

The fact is that the cluster principle has obviously many shortcomings, when used on its own. Some astrologers have therefore tried to modify the cluster principle. I.e. one author suggests that aspects that are formed during an eclipse are more important than regular aspects, if they repeat. Another astrologer suggests that aspects to the Galactic Center are more important than regular aspects.

While both of these suggestions may carry some truth, the fact is that Cluster astrology, while sometimes useful, fails to answer the following fundamental questions of financial astrology.

1) Are there generally bullish and bearish planets and aspects that are responsible for all markets rising and falling?
2) Are particular planets more important than others, when it comes to forecasting the short or long-term direction of a commodity?

3) Are certain markets ruled by certain planets and if so, how can this be verified?
4) Do horoscopes have values for forecasting and if so, which methods should be employed to forecast a horoscope?
5) Has heliocentric astrology any significance, can heliocentric and geocentric astrology work in tandem at the same time, and what is the role of declinations and latitudes?
6) How can the planets be used to determine support and resistance levels and to trade the markets based on price action?

7) And finally how can some or all of these questions be answered and fit together into a trading and investing approach that allows successfully forecasting and trading the markets by using astrology exclusively ?
To my knowledge Rosecast Market Timing is the one and only forecasting service worldwide that uses TRUE astrology to explain past market movements and to forecast the future.

Most financial astrologers have tried to venture into these 7 questions, but, since they lack fundamental KNOW HOW and since they have not been able to deduct the TRUE PRINCIPLES of ASTROLOGY through research, they have NOT been able to answer the above questions and have therefore returned to CLUSTER astrology. However, I suggest that CLUSTER astrology is not the TRUE astrology (TRUE in the meaning of ART and SCIENCE) and that there is MORE to astrology, than the study of CLUSTERS.

Worst than that, since these financial astrologers falsely rely on simplified statistical analysis, that cannot be applied to TRUE astrology, they have reached WRONG conclusions, and have announced that astrological TRUTHS, that have survived astrology for more than 5000 years are WRONG and do not apply to modern FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY.


The two most fundamental principles of TRUE ASTROLOGY are the principles of Bear & Bull planets and Bear & Bull aspects. These principles are NOT my discovery; they have survived astrology for more than 5000 years. It is just that I have found methods & principles to verify that these principles actually work in modern financial astrology, and one of these methods is the Rosecast TRISPECT. The Rosecast TRISPECT is NOT another method of “CLUSTER” astrology (some of my younger colleagues have mistakenly taken it for this), but is an important method of TRUE astrology or finding the TRUTH about astrology. Let me now present some fundamental truths about astrology that many financial astrologers are in denial of today.

1) The Principle of Bear & Bull Planets

There are two bullish planets and two bearish planets, the two bullish planets are Jupiter (long term bullish) and Venus (short term bullish) and the two bearish planets are Saturn (long term bearish) and Mars (short term bearish).


2) The Principle of Bear & Bull Aspects

There are two bullish aspects and two bearish aspects, the bullish aspects are the trine (120) and the conjunction (0), the bearish aspects are the square (90) and the opposition (180).

By combining the bullish aspects with the bullish planets and the bearish aspects with the bearish planets, many stock market ups and downs can already be explained (once the stock market ruling planets are known). If Bullish planets meat bearish aspects and vice versa, the Aspects will rule over the planets, meaning that Trines from Saturn will be bullish, while squares from Jupiter will be slightly bearish, slightly because the nature of Jupiter is bullish.


In the next financial astrology I will show, how this simple knowledge can be used to explain past stock market lows and highs and to detect a statistical study about financial astrology as wrong, despite of the fact that the study was presented by a professional astrologer with more than 40 years of astrological experience. Because encouraging critical thinking about astrology is so important to me, the next newsletter will come out in a few days.
Understanding the past is the prerequisite for forecasting the future. Therefore I continuously encourage all my mentoring students to present me examples of the past - past market highs and lows - that would falsify anything they learn from me, that means, I stress critical thinking as opposed to believing and learning in what I claim, or anybody else claims. Of course there will be exceptions to the above two principles (exceptions occur when other fundamental principles of astrology interfere with the above principles) and that is why I have a mentoring program and software to learn the other principles, you need to know. But without knowing the key principles, no study or subject can be learned, and the goal of this newsletter and the many free articles and book recommendations on my website is to give everybody more information about the TRUE financial astrology and to give everybody a starting point to learn financial astrology.

Because without the above Bull & Bear principles financial astrology cannot be learned, unless you believe that CLUSTER astrology is all that there is to financial astrology. I know that there is more to financial astrology than clusters, and if you want ot challenge me on that, you are invited to sign up for the Rosecast Academy.



Markus Rose


PS: See here, how  I have applied the above principles to forecasting swings in the stock indices:

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