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Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various
Financial Futures & Commodities

Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various Financial
Futures & Commodities

A Scientific Approach to Financial Astrology
based on the four elements
Earth, Water, Air and Fire

The "Financial Astrology Manifest"
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Astronomical Market Timing



(A selection compiled and commented by Markus Rose)

We think that one of the best ways to learn and understand FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY is to 1) RELAX, 2) LEAN BACK and 3) WATCH A VIDEO.
We have searched and similar sources for some interesting videos on financial astrology and we want to present them here for you.
We will provide a short commentary to each video so that you do not have to watch each every video about financial astrology on You-tube (which would take several hours), but that you can jump straight to those topics that interest you.

I have chosen the links here because I believe they might be interesting to a lot among you that are new to astrology and financial astrology. But we do not endorse these videos or their producers in any way.


I want to start with an introduction to astrology by the Magi Society. What attracted me to the Magi Society in 1997 was the following statement that they have made in one of their first newsletters send out to members: "The Magi Society is very much interested in financial astrology, because financial data is clear and lends itself to easy statistical verification."
This is indeed true. There are a lot of theories about astrology, but you cannot measure anything that deals with so-called "psychological astrology". For example how can you measure how happy one couple is in a marriage as opposed to another couple ? You cannot. How can you measure whether your newspaper horoscope really works ? You cannot.
How can you measure, how good a relationship really is ? You cannot.

There are exceptions: Let us say that two persons form a group, one is a composer/producer and one is a singer or two people are singers. After they from the group they become very successful and sell lots of records together. So you can measure the success of their relationship by counting how many records they have sold together.  We at love music and we are have researched successful relationships between successful producers and singers to a great deal. We use sources as Wikipedia on the internet to obtain birth data of those musicians. Of course we do not know the exact birth time during the day.
Many astrologers will tell you that it is not possible to draw conclusions about two persons without the exact birth data, but these astrologers are WRONG. In fact out of the 9 planets in our Solar System, none of them moves quickly enough so that it changes positions significantly within 12 hours. If we assume 12 pm as the birth time for a person for whom we do know the country (time zone) of birth, we will get the approximate planetary positions for the 9 planets of any person.
Let´s say you are a Libra, this means that your SUN was in the sign of Libra  (somewhere between 0 and 30 degrees of Libra, note that the Sun moves approx. 1 degree per day) during the day of your birth, but you also have a Mercury sign, a Venus sign, a Mars sign, a Jupiter sign, a Saturn sign and so on........ 


The Magi Society has concentrated their research on planetary alignments and explains among other things in the videos below why an exact birth time is not needed... the greatest potential between two persons can be determined by comparing the planetary alignments between the planetary positions of two persons.

In the first two videos you will also learn about the advantages of our Moving Stars software as opposed to general astrology software.

Video 1: Magi Astrology Really Works, Part 1

Video 2: Magi Astrology Really Works, Part 2

Below you can find a trailer to a promotional movie about general astrology by Kelly Lee Phipps in which many well-known US and international astrologers have been interviewed.

Video 3: Return of the Magi - Astrology Trailer


Below I want to give a view-point of Vedic astrology. I think it is important to be at least familiar with a view different systems of astrology for this will make you appreciate the wonderful design of astrology to a great extent. Note here that the Rising Sign (the AC, a calculated point that is dependent on the exact minute and place of your birth) is given as an instrument to distinguish between a poor and a rich person's chart.
At we recognize the importance of the AC and the MC (the calculated points) when this data is available and we use it very actively to practice a branch of astrology that is called "AstroCartography".
But we do not require it to draw important conclusions. We have observed that super-successful people have generally more planets that are in exact alignment as opposed to "average" people. However an "average" person can become super-successful by teaming up with another "average" person, if the combined charts form great alignments (no exact birth times are needed for great alignments).

Video 4: JP Morgan and Astrology

Here is another video of Vedic astrology. Note that the Moon (right brain) and the Sun (left brain) are called the Luminaries in Western astrology and also play an important part in financial astrology. In this video a meditation about the Moon and the Sun is proposed to help you transcend time and achieve instant manifestation.

Video 5: Instant Manifestation: How to Get Things Fast


Here we want to present some forecasts from financial astrologers. Some of these forecasts were very accurate, others failed miserably. I believe that if you are a real student of astrology and if you understand that the stars always rule the financial markets, you have always an opportunity to learn. From my own experience I often learn more from a forecast that has failed. Why ? Because this gives me an opportunity to search for the real or better astro-causes and to make my analysis stronger into the future. For anything that happens in the financial markets, there are always 8 causes. 5 causes are mediocre to ok (they can be given as a cause, but will not allow you to make similar calls into the future, those are the causes you read most about in astrology journals and "learn about" in financial astrology seminars) and 3 causes are good. An example for that is the fact that Venus went retrograde on March 6, 2009, the day the S&P 500 hit its all time low of this decade. Venus goes retrograde every 19 months, so it is quite a rare occurrence, but not every 19 months the S&P 500 will hit a mega-low or will even hit any low. Therefore in hindsight this is a "great" cause, but this reason will not allow you to make a similar call into the future. To me such a cause is only mediocre (because I can not use it to make a forecast into the future), but you could take it as an additional reason for a change of trend. Other "financial "astrologers are obviously thinking differently. Watch it for yourself below.

Video 6: Astrology Accurately Predicts March 6, 2009 Reversal

"Three causes are good". Now let's give an example of a "good cause": On March 6, 2009 Venus went retrograde at 15.5 degrees of Aries. When a planet goes retrograde, it is more powerful ,because it is moving relatively slower compared to other planets. Therefore the transits (aspects of CURRENT PLANETS to the PLANETS at the time of a birth horoscope) it casts are also felt more powerfully than usual. Many financial astrologers agree that the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) was born on May 17, 1792. They do not agree on the exact time, but as I have already explained in the sections above (scroll up to Video1) the exact time does not matter, because most planets do NOT move significantly during one day. Take for example Chiron. At 0.01 am (TZ 5) on May 17, 1792 it was at 15.4 degrees of Cancer, while at 23.59 pm (24 hours later) it was still at 15.5 degrees of Cancer, the difference only being 0.1 (0.08 rounded up) of a degree. So on March 6, 2009 Venus retrograde at 15.5 degrees was square to natal Chiron at 15.4 degrees of Cancer. To most astrologers this does not matter much, as they do not know what Chiron stands for. According to the Greek myth it is generally believed that Chiron is as a "Wounded Healer", whatever that means...
However in Magi Astrology (Video 1) Chiron (an comet-like asteroid discovered in 1977) is a financial planet (that means it has the potential to seriously affect the financial markets) and the Venus-Chiron square is referenced as a "Heartbreak Clash between two financial planets". Therefore as somebody that is educated in both traditional astrology (the Magi Society does not recognize the May 17, 1792 chart as important for the stock market) and Magi Astrology (discovery of the true meaning of Chiron), I can conclude that this aspect would cause a lot (Venus is retrograde and hence more powerful) of Financial Heartbreak (Venus square Chiron) to at least those people that were invested in NYSE stocks. And it sure did.

The fact that retrograde planets do have an important impact when they hit Natal planets by transits is known to several financial astrologers. In the video below Tim Bost has used this knowledge to make a great forecast about the share price of Goldman Sachs (GS). I have seen this video on Youtube the first time around April 8, 2010, so I can attest that this forecast was made before the fact (before April 16, 2010 when SEC sued Goldman sparking a vertical drop in its stock price) and not afterwards.

Video 7: Goldman Sachs (GS) hits a Danger Zone

Below I want to post a video by Arch Crawford. He talks among others about the Cardinal Climax, an important aligments of planets in early August of 2010. Nothing significant has happened in the financial markets around that time. Why ? Well, the obvious answer is that the mentioned alignment is not as unique as believed by many financial astrologers.
What is the reason for this ?
We at are sure that we have found the reasons for it and and we will reveal it in one of

our free ROSECAST newsletters that you can subscribe to here

Video 8: Financial Market Astrology, Crash Imminent

No crash happened this time, but at the same time we want to acknowledge that Arch Crawford has a valid and successful approach to financial astrology: Looking at planetary alignments. In order to accomplish this better than NORMAL astrologers we have created our own software called MOVING STARS, see a screenshot - below.


Video 9: Psychology of Trading

Why we think the way we think - and the influence of emotions on the decision-making process.

Video 10: The Mayan Calendar I
This is a must see!
Unfortunately the presenter of this info died November 16th, 2005.  I'm sure he would have liked to see the end of this divine calendar.
Many others have forecasted the END of the MAYAN CALENDAR for 12/12/2012 (12th December 2012)!!!

Video 11: The Mayan Calendar II

A great video about the END OF MAYAN CALENDAR and much more that I highly recommend watching.

Talking about WD Gann, a great legend of the last century, we want to finish this collection of Youtube videos with a great advice from an investment legend of our time.

Video 12:
The Best Advice Warren Buffet ever received


(C) Markus Rose, 2010,


Scientific Financial Astrology