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Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various
Financial Futures & Commodities

Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various Financial
Futures & Commodities

A Scientific Approach to Financial Astrology
based on the four elements
Earth, Water, Air and Fire

The "Financial Astrology Manifest"
explains market anomalies and secrets of
Astronomical Market Timing



What is Financial Astrology ?

Astrology is the use of astronomical data to explain and forecasts things happening on the earth. Astrology also explains by using astronomical data why people on this planet are so different in their personalities, characters, goals, aspirations and choices, even if they are astrologically made by the same components - the planets and the stars surrounding earth.

Financial Astrology is the use of astronomical data to explain and forecast the behavior of the financial markets. There are different branches of financial astrology dependent on the methods (uses of the astronomical data) that a financial astrologer is using. The financial astrology methods that the Rosecast forecast service is employing are deeply rooted in the sciences of astronomy, geometry and mathematics.

What is the Bradley Siderograph ?

That is an astrological model of forecasting the stock market, developed by Donald Bradley in his book "Stock Market Prediction", which was first published in 1940ies. Bradley would classify the most common astrological aspects into bullish ones and bearish ones. The ones he considered bullish he would assign a positive number, the bearish ones a negative number. He would also weigh those aspects according to whether they are exact, applying or separating. He would then calculate all numbers into a mathematical formula, do this for every day and the outcome is the Siderograph.
The Siderograph has proved valuable in identifying turning points. It has proved to be of limited value as a barometer to forecast overall stock market direction.

Why is the Siderograph successful in finding turning points ?

If there are many astrological aspects exact during a certain period as measured by a high or low in the Bradley formula than the stock market or any market by that matter has a higher chance of making a turn, simply because there is more energy present to cause that turn.   

Why is the Siderograph unsuccessful in forecasting stock market direction ?

Bradley assumes that there are some aspects that are bullish and others that are bearish. While it is true that SOME soft aspects to Jupiter are bullish and SOME hard aspects to Saturn are bearish, for the majority of aspects it cannot be classified A PRIORI (Latin: in advance) whether they are bullish or bearish. Why ? Because most astrological aspects (an aspect is any mathematical relation of two planets) will transform there bullish or bearish nature according to the aspects they receive from the other planets in the horoscope. Thus dependent on the position of the other planets in a horoscope - a given astrological aspect will sometimes be bullish and sometimes be bearish for a particular market.

Is this astrological aspect.......bullish or bearish ?

In order to find an answer to this question I recommend you to first review my answer to the previous question.

There are two important theories in financial astrology which have stood the test of time during 1000s of years.

Theory 1 says that there is a bullish force that is symbolized by the planet Jupiter and a bearish force that is symbolized by the planet Saturn.

Theory 2: says that there are soft aspects (60, 120, 0) that are bullish and hard aspects (90, 180, 45, 135) that are bearish.

The above theories are the building block of astrological forecasting. If they would not work, astrology would not work. But let me assure you, that these theories work very well in practice.

However, knowing the individual outcome of any given astrological aspect is of limited value. In order to successfully forecast the markets an astrologer must be able to integrate all planets into a forecast.

A beginning astrologer on the contrary will pick any astrological aspect and then complain "astrological theory is not working because the one aspect I picked should be bearish, but the market rallied before that aspect." The emphasis in such a statement should be on "I picked" and NOT on "astrological theory not working".
In any given moment there are a large number of aspects becoming exact and separating again.

What influence has the Moon on the markets ?

The Moon is one of the eleven planets in astrology and because it is moving quicker than any other planet has an important effect on day-trading and short term swing trading. The Moon will emphasize - by means of making aspects to the other planets - the astrological themes of any given day.

What is the biggest mistake that beginning traders make when learning or applying financial astrology ?

They see an aspect coming up and then they buy a software program from 500$ to 2000$ to tell them whether that aspect is statistically bearish or bullish. The statistical program says that this aspect has a 90% probability of being bearish based on 100 years of past data. Then our beginning trader bets between 5000$ and 10000$ on the outcome of this aspect to cover the cost of the software with his gains form the market.
However the market rallies and the beginning trader loses his bet. Disenchanted he concludes that astrology is not working and moves on to study another form of market analysis.

By the way the fact that any aspect has worked 90% in the past 100 years is just a matter of coincidence, because no aspect exists in a vacuum. There are always other planets around to change the nature of any particular aspect during the next 100 years. Statistical analysis of two aspects is bound to fail in financial astrology. It is also very misleading. If this was not the case, many investment banks and hedge fonds that employ the smartest statisticians on this planet would have astrology departements within their research groups.
Easy things in astrology have already been tested - even by skeptics - and the conclusion is: They do not work. You need faith in order to find true knowledge.

What is the biggest mistake that professional astrologers make when teaching or writing about financial astrology ?

This is going to make you smile. Although this is very serious subject, I am happy if I can entertain you.
Professional astrologers just make the same mistake that beginning astrologers make. They also love to talk about relations between two planets and by doing so they ignore all the other planets. But because they want to appear smarter than beginning astrologers they do not talk of an "aspect" but instead they talk of a "cycle". Thus the "cycle" between planet X and planet Y has exhibited this tendency in the last 100 years according to the discovery of a professional astrologer. Will this cycle* still work during the next 100 years ? Well, I seriously doubt this.

If there are eleven countries in the world like there are eleven planets in our solar system** and two of those countries are not polluting their garden, but nine others do, what will happen to the garden of those two countries ? They will also be polluted. Just like we humans on this planet do not live in a vacuum, the planets in our solar system also do not exist in a vacuum. They are all connected.
Practically this means: The more planets that can be incorporated into a market forecast, the more reliable the forecast is going to be.

*A planetary cycle is just a series of repeating aspects between two planets
** The Sun and the Moon are counted as planets in astrology. Asteroids are also counted as planets. Planets move around the Sun. They are to be distinguished from (Fixed) Stars which do not move.

What books do you recommend to learn financial astrology ?

If you are a complete newcomer to astrology and you want to get an overview about what financial astrology is and how it is used to time the markets than I recommend to you the two following books.

Magi Astrology: Key to Success in Love and Money, Magi Society, Hay House 1999, 15$

Although this book does not explicitly deal with financial astrology, it is one of the best books on financial astrology that you can buy today. Take my word for it.
As an added benefit this book will also provide you with an excellent introduction on general astrology, with an emphasis on the astrology of relationships.

Super Timing - W. D. Gann's Astrological Method, Myles Wilson Walker, self published 1999, 250$

A personal favorite of mine - this books combines a wealth of information about  W. D. Gann's astrological methods compiled into a beautiful book. It also reveals some new approaches to planetary geometry that the author has discovered through observation.

The two books above will give a very good idea of how financial astrology work. In order to put these ideas to practice, you will need a good astrology software program.

After you have purchased some astrological software and you want to deepen your knowledge of the subject I recommend to you the following.

The Tunnel Thru The Air Or Looking Back From 1940, W. D. Gann, Lambert Gann Publishing 1927, 49$

This book is a mysterious romance founded on facts and teaches a moral lesson. It will also reveal to you that W. D. Gann used astrology to make his now famous market forecasts. After studying this book I have created an Excel file that reveals the secret astrological dates hidden throughout this book. Subscribers to Rosecast are welcome to contact my by e-mail to receive this file.

Finally I want to draw your attention to a book that makes for some pleasant, light reading. OK, it will not teach you financial astrology, but you will get some useful information on how you (and others) are viewing the topic of investing, trading and money based on your (their) own astrological Sun Sign(s). "Know thyself, know the markets", it has been said.

Dollar Signs, Yvonne Morabito, Perigee Books, 1997, 14$

After you have read the first two books or even all of the above books, we recommend to you to subscribe to our Premium newsletter for the benefit of learning more about financial astrology.

What financial astrology software do you recommend to trade the markets ?

As financial astrology is nothing more than general astrology applied to the financial markets, a general astrology program will do the trick, if you are prepared to learn the language of astrology.
Please do not believe that a program that allows you to make statistics about astrological aspects or other phenomena will do the trick and give you a shortcut. This has been tested by hedge funds and others and it does not work!, but those that sell such software will of course not tell you this.

The best astrology software is called Moving Stars.

If you want to use astrology to find the best price (and time) .........

Rosecast Planetary Lines (this software should be combined with Moving Stars/ look for financial astrology software package) - is the best software program for this purpose and allows you to view planetary lines in the award winning Ninja Trader software.

Rosecast Gann Trader

Where can I find a complete list of financial astrology books and software resources ?

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