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Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various
Financial Futures & Commodities

Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various Financial
Futures & Commodities

A Scientific Approach to Financial Astrology
based on the four elements
Earth, Water, Air and Fire

The "Financial Astrology Manifest"
explains market anomalies and secrets of
Astronomical Market Timing


Learn Astrology with "The Tunnel Thru the Air"

A horoscope is a MAP of the heavens showing the positions of planets!

Have you ever used "Google Maps" or any other map ? We use maps to find direction. One convenient things about maps is that all maps have a certain format.

Features of Maps

Common features of maps help people to use local maps without needing particular guidance. So what is this certain format that allows us to understand maps so quickly ? Maps are made uniform by the four heavenly directions. Additionally in 97% of all maps we find the direction North on the upper side, the direction South on the lower side, the direction East on the right side and the direction West on the left side. This is really convenient.
And it is this common feature of maps that makes maps really easy to use.
Imagine for a moment how difficult it would be, if some maps have the direction South on the left side, North on the right side, but others have North on the lower side or even 20 degrees West of the lower side.

A new group changes our Maps

Imagine now further you have been familiar with our convenient maps and now come a new group of people from another country or planet that claim to be very knowledgeable about geography.

They go on on a road show and present a few tricks to the President/King of your country. The King is very impressed by them, also because the office/palace of the President/King is located always on the top of the maps that they use to demonstrate their skills. That makes the President/King feel very important. So he grants these new group of people the right to produce all maps for the future and the use of all old maps will be banned forever. These people now produce maps in which only they know where North and South are, but they do not indicate that to you on their maps. So North could be anywhere on the map, X degrees of the furthest left right, highest or lowest point of the map.
Because the old maps are now banned forever and the new maps are only understood by the new group who produce them, after a time most people cannot read the new maps anymore. The main reason is that the new maps do not indicate North and South, East and West. After some time the new group decides to charge fees for explaining anybody how to find directions on the maps produced now exclusively by the new group.

The new group call themselves "Astrologers"

Rosecast REVEALS: The new group are among us for several hundred of years and they call themselves ASTROLOGERS. The old group were known as ASTRONOMERS and in former times astrology and astronomy were one discipline, until the ASTROLOGERS started to design their own maps of the skies.

The maps that the new group produces are maps of the skies - commonly known as HOROSCOPES. If you read any astrology magazine, like for example the Mountain Astrologer or the Magazine that the ISAR produces quarterly (International Society of Astrological Research), you will find that 95% of horoscopes have North, South, East and West scattered anywhere in a more or less random fashion.
Only 5% of their maps - called Aries Wheels or Aries Maps - have North always on the very low side, South always on the upper side, West always on the right side, and East always on the left side - the Aries Maps are similar to our familiar maps, with the exception that they are upside down. This is OK, because if you know that an Aries Maps will always be upside down, you will still be able to find yourself around the map. Moreover, you will be able to compare different Aries Maps rather easily to each other.

Astrologers are afraid to use Aries Wheels  

So why is the Aries Map so unpopular with astrologers ? The reason is that, if you compare an Aries map from two people born on the same day and same year and in different hours, the Aries map still look very similar. Since currently about 360,000 people are born each and every day...when using an Aries map, the horoscope for this 360,000 people looks quite similar. Only the Moon, since it is the quickest moving "planet" changes its position during the day by more than 1 degree.
Astrologers fear that, if they use an Aries map, critics will laugh at astrology and clients will be doubtful, since 360,000 people born on the same day cannot have a similar looking horoscope.
But  the current widespread horoscopes would still look similar for 30,000 people, since there are 12 different Rising Signs on any given day. Since 30,000 people cannot be the same either, starting the heavenly map with the Rising Sign does not change really anything - it did only in former times, to make sure that the horoscope of the prince does not look the same as the horoscope of the child of the peasant born in the same country The Vedic astrologers know that through exact calculations and the use of Vargas the 360,000 horoscopes look still very different, when Vargas are introduced.

Another reason is that Aries maps, since they are so easy to understand, are rather boring to look at for non mathematically inclined folks. Aries Maps are NOT ARTSY at all, but simply MATHEMATICAL like "Google Maps".

The Tunnel Thru the Air - Lesson 1

"The Tunnel Thru the Air" is a novel written by WD Gann in 1927.
The purpose of the novel is to teach astrology to its readers. WD Gann was very knowledgeable in astrology, but he could not write openly about it in his time.
Therefore he has chosen to teach astrology by writing a novel. A key part of the textbook on astrology is a letter that Marie wrote to Robert on June 5 at 3am in St. Louis, Missouri. Gann considered this letter a central part of his textbook on astrology and that is why the letter is shown three times in the book (p. 120, p. 185 and p. 416). We note correctly that since the letter is first shown on page 120 of this book, WD Gann wanted to alert his readers to the 120 degree aspect. However, Gann also teaches in his textbook - on page 411 - that he considers the 120 degree aspect as very beneficial. So if the 120 is a beneficial aspect, why did the marriage between Robert and Marie not take place on this day, but only 5 years later? Gann wanted us to find the answers of course, so that we better understand astrology.

Here are some key points to ponder about:

1) Well, first let me say that I consider 95% of astrology horoscopes today as PAST or GONE ASTROLOGY, because 95% of astrology starts the map of the heavens with the Rising Sign - yet the Rising Sign is not even a planet. Starting a map of the heavens with a Rising Sign mixes the heavenly directions up - and makes comparisons of different maps of the heavens nearly impossible.
It is hard to compare this chart (attention: the badly cast chart has been removed from display, because it is really only confusing to gain a great understanding of astrology) to other charts that Gann uses to teach us astrology (like August 30, 1932), so the chart hinders us to learn astrology - until we cast it again as an Aries Map.

2) Any charts that has a Rising Sign must also give a location and a time and time zone.

3) If the Time Zone is not shown in a horoscope, it is easy to make a mistake with the Time Zone. In fact through simple mathematics I found out that some astrologers have published a time Zone of 7 for this chart, when the correct Time Zone is 5.  It was Central daylight time in 1927 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Example of Aries Map without Input of Any Location - Future of Astrology!

Chart 2: Most people not familiar with astrology believe that the location on Earth - in this case - St. Louis, Missouri - is a key factor in determining the position of the planets.
This is NOT TRUE as planetary positions are measured from the MIDDLE OF THE EARTH, not from any particular location. Therefore I have NOT mentioned St. Louis in the below chart, because the chart below looks exactly the same for ST. Louis, New York, Moscow or Peking.

I DO present the time and the time zone, because NO TIME can be CORRECT without the CORRECT TIME zone. Since 5 is two hours before 7, the Moon is located at 21.3 degrees of Leo as measured from earth center and not at 22.4 degrees of Leo as in the chart above. Again I have highlighted the heavenly directions in BLUE below.

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