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Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various
Financial Futures & Commodities

Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various Financial
Futures & Commodities

A Scientific Approach to Financial Astrology
based on the four elements
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Rosecast Newsletter November 2009
One Aspects - Three 2009 Lows - Rosecast Scientific - Part II

In the last free Rosecast newsletter I have asked about one single aspect that has given three of the most important lows in 2009 (March 9, July 9 and September 2). In this newsletter I am going to reveal this aspect and I am also going to show you how I have discovered this aspect.
Overall this aspect has given seven hits in 2009 (5 lows and one top so far, three of the five lows being long term lows) and the last hit will come in December and is likely to coincide with another stock market low.

In order to recap from the last newsletter this aspect cannot be calculated with conventional astrology software, yet it is possible for every person with a simple astrology program (like Solar Fire, Win Star or my own Moving Stars) to verify this aspect and to pinpoint it to a certain day. But only Rosecast Scientific will calculate this aspect in advance and display the results in a table.

"Before Everything, Get Understanding"

There are a lot of people that claim to have a trading system that will make you rich. These systems are usually black boxes. A black box will give you a signal, but you do not know why this signal has occurred. Therefore if the black box stops working, you can only throw it away. 
Astrology is different as you can always improve upon your knowledge of financial astrology. Therefore learning financial astrology is a sound investment as opposed to a "get rich quick" scheme. WD Gann has said: "Before everything, get understanding." And in his novel "Tunnel Through the Air", the main character alias Robert Gordon has said: "I believe in the great science of astrology."
I believe that Rosecast Scientific is a software that will help you to understand that astrology is indeed a science as WD Gann has claimed it in his famous novel. No matter whether you are beginning to learn astrology or whether you are an advanced professional astrologer, Rosecast Scientific will help you to perform the calculations that are in integral part of the science. Like all astrological software from Rosecast (Moving Stars & Rosecast Bradley), RS is based on the Swiss Ephemeris, the standard in astronomical and astrological accuracy.

One Aspect - Three Lows
Now it is time to reveal this aspect and to show to you the table as a proof.
The aspect I have been looking for is Neptune 72 degrees to Chiron. Below I have inserted two tables calculated with Rosecast Scientific.








Screenshot Above: Rosecast Scientific Silver Software

Please note that in the screenshot above you see Neptune and Chiron displayed in four different colors:

1) Black:  this signifies the Geocentric Position

2) Blue:  this signifies the Geocentric Mirror Position (also called Co-Antiscia). If Chiron is at 23.1 degrees of Aquarius, then its Mirror Position (Co-Antiscia) is at 6.9 degrees of Taurus as 6.9 + 32.1 = 30 degrees.

3) RED:  this signifies the Heliocentric Position - i.e. on July 9, 2009 Helio Neptune was located at 24.8 degrees of Aquarius.

4) Green:  this signifies the Heliocentric Mirror Position (also called Co-Antiscia). If Heliocentric Chiron was at 22.0 degrees of Aquarius, then its Mirror Position (Co-Antiscia) is at 8.0 degrees of Taurus as 22 + 8 = 30 degrees.

Rosecast Scientific is the only software in the world that allows to calculate planetary aspects between planets and their Antiscias.
Please also note that it is not important whether to calculate Antiscias - or Co-Antiscias (as we do) for scientific purposes.

example: Chiron is at 22 degree of AQU. Co-Ant is at 8 TAURUS, Antiscia is at 8 SCORPIO. Since Taurus and Scorpio are located 180 degrees apart....there is no difference in calulcation results with the major aspects. Using Antiscias of Co-Antiscias is a matter of TASTE, not of SCIENCE.

Neptune and Chiron

Neptune is one of the eight "official" planets in our Solar System (Pluto is no longer officially a planet, you can Google this "is Pluto a planet" for more info). But what is Chiron ? Chiron is a small asteroid and is the first discovered asteroid of a group of asteroids called Centaurs. Chiron is particularly bright in relation to its rather small size. Since Chiron has been discovered in 1977, it has received widespread attention by astrologers.
There are many interpretations as to the meaning of Chiron and if you are a bit familiar with astrology, you will know that one planet can indeed signify a number of things. When discovering this aspect through Rosecast Scientific, I have used a school of astrology based in New York City for my inspiration. In Magi Astrology Neptune is the planet that signifies the stock market and Chiron is the planet that signifies the public image of a person or entity. Neptune in difficult aspect to Chiron signifies that the public image (Chiron) of the stock market (Neptune) is perceived unfavorable (difficult aspect). A difficult aspect in traditional astrology is foremost the square (90 degrees) and also the opposition (180 degrees). Aspects of 72 and 144 degrees can have many meanings and since they are difficult to spot in a horoscope, they are often neglected by astrologers. The importance of the 72 aspects stems from the mathematical fact that 360 (whole horoscope) divided by 5 equals 72. Thus aspects of 72 and 144 (72 *2) are also referred to as aspects of the fifth harmonic. I have found the 72 degree aspect between Neptune and Chiron to be present at all three important stock market lows of 2009.

At the day of the October 10, 2002 low,  I have found a 36 degree aspect between Neptune and Chiron when using Rosecast Scientific. Since 36 is half of 72, these two aspects belong to the same family of 10th harmonic aspects.

Rosecast Scientific is not for everybody

Rosecast Scientific will greatly benefit all those

1) that recognize the application of financial astrology as a sound investment
2) that  like to make discoveries on their own
3) that want to apply the power of astrology to intraday-trading, but do now know how. RS has special features for filtering aspects.
4) professional astrologers who like to come up with new and innovative solutions for their clients - RS allows to calculate Natal aspects and Trispects
5) astrologers and students of astrology that like to get an edge over everybody else - by using the best software available.

Rosecast Scientific will NOT benefit those that

1) are not interested to learn financial astrology, but like to get the benefits of financial astrology (I recommend the Rosecast Bradley software to all those)
2) like to receive clear cut trading signals without understanding the reasons behind those signals

3) do not have access to financial charts (you need at least some daily charts) - if you do not have access to charts, you cannot know the past. Remember what WD Gann has said: "without knowing the past, you cannot know the future.".


The Rosecast Scientific software comes with a PDF manual that you will get you started and will explain you all its functionality. Rosecast Scientific is now on special sale until the end of this week.

Discover your own Secrets with Rosecast Scientific
In my mentoring program I do not charge you to teach you astrology (you can learn financial astrology freely through the resources  and links on my website and in this free newsletters), but to teach you the application of secrets that I have discovered over the years. With the right software you can discover some of these secrets on your own. With Rosecast Scientific you can even discover secrets that I myself might not be aware of. I have shared here with you one secret aspect in order to inspire your imagination.

To Good to be True ? - No, it will get even better.

Your probably think "one aspect and three important lows in 2009" that is impressive. But what about the two most important highs in 2009 ?
Is there also one secret Rosecast Scientific aspect that connects them ? In the next free Rosecast newsletter you will learn the answer. And the answer will surprise you.

I wish you good luck with astrology. You have learned in this newsletter one single aspect that has given you the three most important lows of 2009. Remember that the stars are designed by the Creator to help you with everything that you desire. Many wealthy people know that and have used astrology either directly - by learning it to a degree that fits their desire - or indirectly - by having astrologers consulting them in their decisions.

With heavenly regards,


Markus Rose

Editor of Rosecast Market Timing
Ranked #1 Stock Market Timer
10/10/2007 to 10/10/2008 by Timer Digest
Ranked #1 Gold Timer of 2008 by Timer Digest

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