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Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various
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Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various Financial
Futures & Commodities

A Scientific Approach to Financial Astrology
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A Royal Marriage Times the Top in the Financial Markets

A Marriage Takes Place......and thereafter Financial Markets Fall Apart.

Rosecast Newsletter - June 15, 2011 -

For the first time in astrological history Markus Rose reveals the

True Meaning of the 10th Planet "ERIS"!

Financial Markets Take a Nose-Dive

Friday, April 29 - the day of the Royal Marriage between Prince William and Miss Middleton - has been the most important day for the financial markets this year.

Many financial markets have tumbled in almost a crash-like fashion after this important day.

Most notably Silver (has declined from 49 to 33 within 4 trading days), Gold (has declined from 1569 to 1462 within 4 trading days) and Oil (Nymex Crude has declined from 122 to 105 within 4 trading days) have experienced crash-like declines right after this important day.

But also the Pound  (has declined from 1.67 against the USD to 1.61 - or more than 700 Bips within three weeks) and the Euro (has declined from almost 1.49 against the USD to 1.40 within three weeks or a loss of 900 Bips) have recorded strong declines during the first three weeks of May.

Finally the US Equity Markets have recorded their yearly closing price highs on this day.

The S&P 500 has recorded a closing price high for the year 2011 at 1363 (the S&P 500 is now trading almost 100 points lower) and the Dow Jones has recorded a closing price high for the year 2011 at 12800 (and is now trading almost 800 points lower).

Treasury Bonds have rallied before April 29 and have continued to rally after this important day.

In summary April 29, 2011 has been a day of bliss, not only for the Royal family and for Londoners who got a day off from work, but also for all important financial markets on this planet.

Markus Rose has forecasted April 29, 2011 as one of the two most important highs of 2011 in December of 2010

To deliver an astrological explanation in hindsight after an important day might seem a bit easy. The real question is therefore whether any
any well-known financial astrologers has forecasted an important high for April 29 in advance?

Not that we know of one - with the exception of Markus Rose.

In his 2011 Annual Winter Annual Forecast - released to the public already on December 22, 2010 - Markus Rose has pinpointed April 29 as one of the two most important highs for the financial markets in 2011. By the way the second day is yet to come, but will not necessarily record a higher close than the one of April 29....but it will be an important day to watch financial markets to break again right afterwards.

Contrary to the practice of other well-known financial astrologers who always give a range of three trading days on either side to any forecasted date (a worthless forecast in the case of Silver, Gold and Oil - as the party was almost over after 3 trading days) - Markus has pinpointed this important high to this very exact day - no when and if.

Planetary Patterns are Signs of Heaven and Signal Trend Changes in the Financial Markets

The 2011 Annual Forecast book is really a textbook on financial astrology and explains how to forecast important turning points in the financial markets by looking at the positions of the planets and finding the geometric patterns that these planets form with each other on certain days.

Finding geometric pattern between planets is called Planetary Geometry.

Most financial astrologers have no clue about Planetary Geometry - and therefore they are not able to pinpoint a high or a low to an exact day.
This leads them to statements that it is not possible to use financial astrology without technical analysis or other statements that are designed to lead the public astray. Moreover conventional astrology software (that all financial astrologers use) is not able to do Planetary Geometry in a meaningful way.

Therefore Markus has created in more than 3000 version updates his own software for Planetary Geometry.
This software is called "Moving Stars".

Any Trispect can be pinpointed towards an Exact Day

In order to better teach Planetary Geometry to the public, Markus has invented the term Trispect. A Trispect is nothing else but a geometric pattern of three planets in the night-skies that can be mathematically pinpointed to a certain day.

Markus knows from observing the financial markets for more than 15 years that only patterns of at least three planets have the power to shake the financial markets.

So what is the astrological secret behind April 29, 2011, the day of the Royal Marriage?
Is it a Trispect, a pattern of three planets?
Yes, of course it is, as a Trispect is always more powerful than any aspect.

On April 29 (mathematically exact on April 30 when markets have been closed) there has been a triple conjunction (a Trispect) of three planets.

These three planets are: Mars, Jupiter and Eris.

There are more than Nine Planets...

Who is Eris ?

Eris (formerly known as UB 313 or Xena, dubbed the 10th planet in the media) has first been first spotted in 2003. In 2005 astronomers have discovered that Eris is actually larger in size than Pluto. This has prompted astronomers - to the disgrace of astrologers - to deny Pluto planetary status at the 2006 astronomical conference in Prague, Czech Republic. After the astronomical conference many astrologers wrote articles to defend Pluto's planetary status. What they should have done instead is to look at Ceres and Eris, those planets that astronomers have granted "dwarf planet status" along with Pluto.

Unfortunately astrologers have no scientific way of finding the true meaning of a newly discovered planet.
I believe that the best way to discover the true meaning of a newly discovered asteroid or planet is to observe the planetary patterns that this planet/asteroid creates with other known planets and then to measure the results against financial market price quotes or other researchable data.

Since most (financial) astrologers are at odds with Planetary Geometry they are at a disadvantage to find out the true meaning of a newly discovered planet. Therefore they dig up some myth about the name of that newly discovered planet, not realizing that this name is often very accidentally chosen by astronomers. For example the comet-like asteroid Chiron who was discovered in 1977 is for most astrologers - the wounded healer - because in mythology Chiron was a healer that was wounded.

Rosecast HIT-PARADE of 7 Planets that Astrologers use a Wrong Meaning for.

The fact of NOT understanding planetary geometry combined with the practice of using the myth of a planet has resulted in a number of WRONG planetary meanings out there that are generally accepted as true by the majority of (financial) astrologers.
This has prompted me to create a hit-list of planets that (financial) astrologers use a WRONG meaning for.

1) Eris

2) Chiron (Chiron was discovered in 1977 and is generally referred to as the "wounded" healer. Since Chiron is "wounded" you would think that Chiron is a bad influence on the financial markets - unfortunately this is 100% wrong)

3) Neptune (Neptune has been discovered in 1851 and astrologers have a very one-sided opinion of Neptune - they think that Neptune is one of the bad guys - for example you read very often that Neptune creates financial bubbles - unfortunately this is also 100% wrong).

4) Ceres (the biggest asteroid and a dwarf planet along with Pluto and Eris, this planet has very important meanings for financial affairs that are missed by astrologers completely)

5) Juno (asteroid #3, generally believed to indicate "Marriage", so this must really be good asteroid, again 100% wrong)

6) Jupiter (wrongly believed to rule "too much")

7) Saturn (wrongly believed to rule "stability and patience")

If you google the astrological meaning of Eris, you will find that Eris was the Greek Goddess of dispute and the Roman Goddess of discord.

As astrologers tend to believe that a planet carries the qualities of its accidentally chosen name (look at Chiron for example), Eris is often mentioned to rule discord, chaos and war. One astrology school puts it in the following words: "According to Greek mythology Eris is the goddess of strife and when the Romans adopted her they called her Discordia. She is either the sister or the companion of the god of war, Ares. We are told that the Greek Eris is sinister and mean, and her greatest joy is to make trouble....Eris is the daughter of night and mother of such ...things as trouble, toil, oblivion, hunger, pain, murder, carnage, brawls, disputes, ruin, forgetfulness, deceit and finally lawlessness."

In short most astrologers agree that Eris is clearly more bad than good and has the potential to create significant discord, strife and war.

In this latter meaning Eris would be similar to the planet Mars who is the classical astrology ruler of war since more than 4000 years.

So if two planets of war and discord make a conjunction they come together to enforce each others qualities of strife, war and discord. A conjucntion of two planets can be compared to a merger of two companies.

Imagine you were an astrologer, would you choose just this day to recommend a marriage to the Prince of England ? The answer is clearly "NO". Unless you wanted to seriously harm the Prince and to create a marriage that results in strife, war and discord. The point here is that astrologers that use incorrect meanings of planets can potentially harm their clients.

Rosecast reveals the True Meaning of Eris - WELCOME ERIS, PLANET OF SUCCESS AND GOOD FORTUNE!

In December of 2010 after looking through many years of historical financial data I have found out that Eris has very similar astrological qualities than Jupiter.

That means Eris is not a planet of discord, but a planet of good fortune and success.

In fact, Eris is the next best thing in astrology after Jupiter.

Eris is even better than Venus. One reason for this is that Eris moves much slower than Venus. Therefore the beneficial influence of Eris is much longer lasting than the beneficial influence of Venus.
Venus is combination with Jupiter creates highs on hourly charts.
Eris in combination with Jupiter creates highs on daily and weekly financial charts.

On April 29, Mars ruler of metals, was in conjunction with the two most beneficial planets in the universe, namely with Jupiter and Eris.

No wonder that the metals have tumbled after the quick moving Mars turned away from Jupiter and Eris. If things cannot get any better, they must get worse.
The reason why other financial markets like currencies and equities also made highs on this day has to do with advanced Planetary Geometry as the planetary rulers of stocks and currencies have also been aspected by the conjunction of Jupiter and Eris. All of these reasons and discoveries have prompted me to forecast April 29 as one of the two most important highs of the year 2011.

Eris is the foremost ruling planet of the "self-made millionaire"

For fans of general astrology I would like to add the following discoveries about Eris so that they can correctly interpret the meaning of Eris. While Jupiter is the planet of success that comes without effort (Jupiter rules passive success that is Venus-like in nature like winning the lottery or receiving an inheritance), Eris is the planet of success that is the result of effort (Mars like effort like starting your own business).

Therefore Eris is the ruler of the "self made millionaire". The most famous self-made millionaires that have a particularly well-placed Eris in their horoscopes are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Oprah Winfrey. Without knowledge of the true meaning of Eris it is not possible to explain why Arnold and Oprah have been so successful.

Eris is the most elevated planet in the horoscope of the USA and is ruler of the "American Dream"

The USA is generally recognized as the country of the "Self-Made Millionaire" and the "American Dream". In the horoscope of the USA Eris is above the Sun's maximum declination of 23.4 degrees.

Such a condition is referred to as "Ex-Dec" in planetary geometry. It simply means that any planet that is "Ex-Dec" has a dominant influence on the native.

In the chart of the USA, born on July 4, 1776, Eris is not only Ex-Dec (above the Sun's maximum declination) it is "Super-Ex-Dec". At 65 degrees of Declination Eris thrones on top of all other planets.
Now you know the astrological reason why the USA is country of the "Americam Dream - becoming a millionaire by starting a business". It is due to the elevated position of Eris in declination. As a consequence Eris is also the foremost planet that rules "entrepreneurship" and "venture capital".

The combination of Jupiter and Eris creates Super-Success

In summary the combination of Jupiter and Eris is one of the most reliable indicators for super-success.

After I have discovered the true meaning of Eris, I was able to forecast April 29, 2011 as one of the two most important dates for a high in the stock market (and other markets) in 2011.

None of the well-known financial astrologers were able to make similar forecasts -  as most astrologers lack sufficient knowledge of Planetary Geometry and hence they are lost when it comes to discover the true meanings of newly-discovered planets.

The Royal Marriage has occurred on a BLESSED DAY

There are two kind of astrologers - those that spread the wrong meanings of planets and lead the public astray (those are generally the more well-known ones) and those that know more than they write about or simply do not operate in the public.

Luckily the Prince of England must have had access to one astrologer of the second group.

This does not surprise me as I am sure that the Prince of England is well-connected in the City of London - financial capital of the world.

As April 29 has passed, one thing is clear:  The financial markets have undoubtedly confirmed that the day of the Royal Marriage was well-chosen.

It was a day of Super-Success as indicated by the triple conjunction between Mars, Jupiter and Eris (formerly known as the 10th planet).

Nothing happens by chance - neither a Royal Marriage - nor an important high in the financial markets.


And this completes this important Free Rosecast newsletter.

In the next newsletter Rosecast will reveal more about the declinations and why they are the cornerstone in any serious analysis of planetary geometry.
With heavenly regards,

Markus Rose

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Below I have cast a horoscope for April 29, 2011.


Mars was not only conjunct to Jupiter in Longitude, but also parallel to Jupiter in declination.

Mercury was contra-parallel to Eris in declination. This has created a trans-dimensional conjunction of four planets.


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