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Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various
Financial Futures & Commodities

Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various Financial
Futures & Commodities

A Scientific Approach to Financial Astrology
based on the four elements
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Rosecast Financial Astrology Newsletter

The Principle of "NO ORB"

Written in November 2007


A Secret Revealed

In the last Rosecast newsletter I have talked about a topic that is very important to me: Principles. I have also explained what principles are to me.
Principles are particularly important in the study of astrology.
Why? Because just as it is in our lives, in astrology no moment is ever exactly the same.
The planets change their positions constantly.
Some people talk of planetary cycles as if they repeat in a very regular fashion. And yes it is true. Cycles between two planets do repeat. But what about the other planets or planetary cycles?
Why just pick two planets out of a dozen? Have you ever sat down at a table for dinner and have greeted only two persons and ignored all others. No. Why? Because it is impolite doing that.

You want to give your appreciation to all planets in the skies. And doing that is just what Planetary Geometry is about. Hence I believe that planetary geometry is the future of astrology. Now some astrologers say it is impossible to take all planets into account at once, so you have to reduce yourself to two planets. To me this is impolite and not appreciative of the full creation and design of the universe which is composed of several planets.
I suggest in learning how to take all planets into account, you need to rely on and study certain principles. The Trispect I have mentioned earlier in my newsletters is just ONE of these principles.
A principle gives you the place to start when analyzing any horoscope or alignment of multiple planets. Therefore the clearer you are on your principles; the easier it is for you to analyze an astrological chart (horoscope). And that is why I love principals and I like to think, teach and ponder about principals. Today I want to reveal a principle to you that it is actually a big secret of those knowledgeable in planetary geometry. It is the principle of “Perfect Alignment” or “No Orb”.
(The word ORB is defined as the difference in degrees between an exact and an inexact aspect.)

The Principle of "Perfect Alignment" or "No Orb"

This principle says that it is not necessary to employ any orb when doing financial astrology. In essence the principle of “No Orb” says:

“A day of any important high or market low will always be more perfectly aligned than the day before or the day after the alignment."
(in relation to the ruling planets of that particular stock or commodity or other object).

Note: When using this principle in practice I use a time of 12pm (Noon) to compare the charts of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Understanding and applying “the principle of No Orb” will help you to find out what the true ruling planets of a particular stock or commodity are.
A student has recently asked me, once I have revealed the ruling planets of the US stock market to him, whether he can now toggle off all the other planets, because the Rosecast mentoring software allows you to do that. My answer was of course “no” – all planets must be looked at IN RELATION to the ruling planets.

The “Principle of No Orb" in Practical Application

If you look at an aspect (although I recommend to look at a Trispect first) and that aspect is more exact today, than yesterday or tomorrow, then you might rightly conclude that this aspect is the cause or one of the causes of a particular market high or low today.

However, if the aspect becomes exact in three days and you conclude that this aspect is the cause of a market high or low today, because you are using an ORB of only 1 degree (and thus you are ignoring the principle of NO ORB”), then you are inconsistent in your reasoning and you are methodically wrong in your analysis.

It might be, that the aspect you are looking at will become exact in three days or three weeks and it might be that this aspect is indeed the true cause (better said: one of the true causes) of a market high or low. That means your analysis is wrong, but you are still right, since you got “lucky”.
Sometimes astrologers do get “lucky” by grace of a very intelligent design of astrology.
The reason of your “LUCK” will be a third planet that has been ignored in the analysis.
This third planet must complete a Trispect to the two planets creating the "inexact Aspect" and this Trispect must be more exact today, than yesterday or tomorrow.
If the Trispect is inexact, then the whole analysis is wrong and you get “not lucky”.


I hope you understand this. “ORB” is not needed in planetary geometry which works very exact. Instaed of using "ORB"do “the day before” and “the day after” checking routine to find out whether a Trispect or an Aspect or anything else is one of the plausible causes of something happening today.

You can also do this checking routine to find out whether an astrologer is telling you the true cause of something or whether he is just making something up. When I do this check, I often discover that astrologers are explaining something that occurs today with an aspect that is exact in two weeks or with one that was exact two weeks ago. To me such practice is indicative of ”bad astrology”. Critics of astrology are right when they criticize “bad astrology” and when they have a good laugh at the inconsistency in the reasoning of some astrologers.

In most cases things happening on this planet cannot be explained with an exact aspect in the above sense, using the principle of “No Orb”. But many things can be explained with an “Exact Trispect.” This is particularly true for the financial markets.

Looking Ahead

In the next newsletter which will come out in a few days, I will discuss a well known Blockbuster Movie that you can rent out anywhere that clearly hints to the principle of “No Orb” and to the correct working of true astrology.

Until then, best regards,
Markus Rose

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