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Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various
Financial Futures & Commodities

Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various Financial
Futures & Commodities

A Scientific Approach to Financial Astrology
based on the four elements
Earth, Water, Air and Fire

The "Financial Astrology Manifest"
explains market anomalies and secrets of
Astronomical Market Timing



An Important Secret of Financial Astrology Revealed

Written in March 2011 - revised in May of 2011

I would like to thank all my readers and friends who have purchased the 2011 Annual Forecast Book.
The book is a great success. The forecasting part of the book is only a small percentage of the value of the book. The book is really an instruction of how to use financial astrology to forecast the US stock market. The most important crashes in history have been discussed and the true reasons have been given of why these crashes have occurred.

In this newsletter I  would like to discuss some concepts revealed for the first time in the history of financial astrology in the 2011 forecast book.
I will do this and at the same time answer an important question I have receievd from readers recently.

2011 Annual Stock Market Forecast

"Has the 2nd forecasted date in the "2011 Annual Forecast" inverted to a high or will we see a major low within a few trading days of the forecasted date?"

ANSWER: The use of planetary geometry works exact to a certain day, although we do allow an inaccuracy of one trading day on either side. Inversions of a few days are therefore NOT possible.

The 2nd forecasted date of the 2011 was a low for February 25, 2011. On February 24, 2011 the S&P 500 has made a short-term swing low at 1294 points that has closely matched the positions of Jupiter and Pluto at 1297. The forecasted low of February 25, 2011 has come out already on February 24, 2011.
Could you have anticipated this ? As Jupiter and Pluto vibrate strongly to 1297 you could have concluded on February 24 that "the February 25 forecasted low is in" - once 1297 has proven itself as support on February 24 - see screenshots below for converting the positions of Jupiter and Pluto to price - with our newest software "Universal Trader".

Explaination: The second forecasted low was only a minor swing low (until a high on March 3, one week later) as Jupiter is very weak as a "Setup Planet" in a formation that causes a stock market low. Jupiter is only a good "Setup Planet" for stock market highs -  as the innate nature of Jupiter is bullish - explained in the 2011 Annual Forecast Book.

Rosecast Universal trader converts Jupiter and Pluto to an S&P 500 price of 1297 (and 1267 and 1327).




Above: Screenshot from Rosecast Universal Trader Software for February 25 displaying Jupiter and Pluto and a price of 1297.

One week later the S&P 500 has ultimately failed at the 120 degree line of Jupiter at 1328.



Above: Screenshot from Rosecast Universal Trader Software for March 3 displaying Jupiter at a price of 1328.

In the 2011 Winter Forecast book we have identified two important groups of planets: The "Trigger Planets" and the "Setup Planets".

When you browse financial astrology will find empty emphasis on the "Trigger Planets" will learn that the triggering planets cause this and that....but in reality....the "Trigger Planets"  are only peasants that act to the "royal tune" of the "Setup Planets".....
I give you some examples of "Triggering planets": Any of the first 1000 numbered asteroids including Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Sappho (asteroid #80), Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars and even Chiron.
The "Trigger Planets" are used by financial astrologers to explain this and that. The 2011 Forecast Book has revealed that only the "Setup Planets" cause the large movements in the US stock market. However in order to pinpoint the "royal tune" of the setup planets to a certain day in time....the trigger planets are needed. But they are not causative and can only trigger a formation created by the SETUP PLANETS.

The Setup Planets (among them are Saturn, Neptune and Pluto) are key to understanding the future of the stock market.
The 2011 Forecast book has revealed that these three planets are not the only Setup Planets - as astronomers have recently discovered asteroids with similar qualities beyond the orbit of Pluto.

By using price-to-planet conversion we have found a reliable way to identify whether a significant planetary formation as forecasted in the 2011 book is about to cause a high or a low in any particular financial market or commodity.

In the next free Rosecast newsletter we will explore this method more deeply using our newest software UNIVERSAL TRADER.

The next forecasted low has not been mentioned in the 2011 book , but according to our latest research - will likely occur in the week when the NEXT Rosecast Mini-Bear Aspect (as defined in the 2011 Forecast Book) becomes exact.

SUMMARY: The 2011 forecast book has for the first time in history revealed and proven that the SETUP planets in Trispect formations with the TRIGGER Planets pinpoint important financial market lows and highs to an exact day. The method desribed can be used for any market. The first forecasted high of January 4, 2011 has caused a sell-off of 500 BIPS in the EUR/USD within a few trading days. Such is the power of financial astrology.
I think that the 2011 forecast book is the most usefoul book on financial astrology ever written during the last 10 years. By using the price method of WD Gann we can get confirmation whether a forecasted constellation of SETUP and TRIGGER planet is affecting a particular financial market by either causing a low or a high in that market on the daily chart. We will write more about this in our next free Rosecast newsletter.

Financial Astrology - Smartly & Precisely

Rosecast Scientific uses the Moon, Sedna, the 4 asteroids, Chiron the Lunar Nodes and all traditional planets and helps you to identify clusters of planetary aspects and trispects that provide you with exact entries and exits for your trading. No knowledge of astrology is needed to produce a list of important aspects and trispects and find a minute-exact clusters of aspects and trispects. Rosecast Scientific Gold calculates Aspects, Trispects of all planets and Antisicias in Geocentric Longitude, Heliocentric longitude, Geocentric Right Ascension and Heliocentric Right Ascension. Exclusively in the world of financial astrology it is possible to calculate aspects between geocentric and heliocentric planets as well as between planets and Antiscias. You can use the VETO functions to prevent mixing of geo and helio aspects and trispects and yet display geo and helio aspects and trispects in one list to ideintify clusters.

In short Rosecast Scientific allows you to calculate clusters of planetary activity for pinpointing exact entries for intraday-trading and long - term trading. You can calculate both entry and exit times - weeks, months and years ahead to plan your trading with confidence.

With cosmic greetings,

Markus Rose
Ranked #3 Stock Market Timer
03/16/2010 to 03/16/2011 by Timer Digest

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