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Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various
Financial Futures & Commodities

Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various Financial
Futures & Commodities

A Scientific Approach to Financial Astrology
based on the four elements
Earth, Water, Air and Fire

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Astronomical Market Timing


Three States of Knowledge

Rosecast Financial Astrology Newsletter
Written in July 2007

I am grateful to Michael Clouse ( for teaching me that there are three states of knowing and not knowing.
Using the example of financial astrology, I will reveal in this Rosecast free newsletter what these three states are and which state of these three states you want to focus on in order to increase your knowledge of financial astrology or any other subject tremendously.
So, let us start now discussing the first state.

The first state is called: What I know that I know.

For example you might know that there are 12 signs in astrology and that there are 9 planets in our solar system (or 8, as Pluto has been denied its planetary status recently). You might further know that each of these signs equals 30 degrees and that all 12 signs thus complete a circle of 360 (30 times 12) degrees that serves as a sky map to locate the positions of the planets.

You might further know that planets form certain angular relations (called aspects) of 0, 90, 120, 60 or 180 degrees to each other in the circle of 360.

The second state is called: What I know that I don’t know.

For example you might know that each of these planets is assigned a certain meaning in financial astrology, but you might now know what this meaning is. This would be an example of what you know that you do not know. You know that planets and asteroids have meaning in financial astrology, but you do not know what that meaning is.


The third state is called: What I do not know that I do not know (“what I literally don’t know”).

For example you might not know, unless you read this now that certain asteroids which have only been discovered after the year 1995 have an important meaning in financial astrology.
Likewise most people - even experts in financial astrology - do not know unless I wrote about it in the Trispect newsletters, that the Trispect will pinpoint an aspect between two planetary bodies to a certain time and that that time is more important for releasing the energy of the two planets, than the time of the aspect itself.
Let me suggest do you that of all three states of knowing/not knowing discussed above, state 3 will be most likely be by far the biggest one on a percentage scale. This will not only be true for financial astrology, but for most other subjects that you know much better than financial astrology.


And this is really something to ponder about.



Reason 49 “Why financial astrology cannot work”

I know a lot of intelligent people in the financial industry and these people are mostly very skeptical towards financial astrology. Some of these people are my friends and since friends want to help each other, they always give me wonderful reasons why financial astrology cannot work. Reason 49 (let me call it so) given to me in 2005 by a trading system designer and fund manager during a dinner in a beautiful resort in the Southern part of Spain is the following: “Financial astrology cannot work because everything that can be calculated and tested in astrology (to a system designer only things that can be calculated are real) has already been calculated or tested, and nobody has found anything.”


Well, if you are a fan of WD Gann, you will immediately doubt the second part of the statement “nobody has found anything”. But after this dinner in the summer of 2005, I myself concentrated not on the second part of the statement, but on the first part “everything that can be calculated in astrology has already been calculated”. And I quickly realized that there are indeed a lot of things in financial astrology that I would like to be able to calculate and that nobody has ever had calculated.
Since that evening a burning desire to be able to calculate these things has consumed me and I have done everything to find a programmer.

The end of that story is that despite all my efforts I have not succeeded in finding a programmer. But four weeks later the programmer that I have been looking for has found me and my website.

In September 2005 I have then scratched the rudiments for the design of a new type pf astrology calculation program that would do the trick of calculating the unknown, and after 267 version and 18 months have past, RS Platinum has been completed. RS Platinum not only calculates the unknown, but makes the unknown ready for use in trading with a few mouse clicks.

In order to make a big leap in the knowledge of any subject, you have to focus on state 3.

Remember that state 3 is called “What I do not know that I do no know” and that state 3 is also the biggest part of the three states of knowledge. But how can you focus on something, if you do not know that it exists even? Well, the answer is, you can’t. But what you can do is to meet people with different backgrounds or to buy books or products from them (which is how I learned about the three states of knowledge). For example before meeting my astrology skeptical friend in 2005, I have focused on improving my knowledge of things that have already been calculated in financial astrology. After this meeting, I have shifted my focus on calculating things that nobody has ever calculated, because I have been made consciously aware that these calculations exist. This has resulted in an exponential learning experience. And this leap in knowledge has come only out of the result of meeting somebody with a vastly different perspective.

When it comes to financial astrology, I believe that a good software program is the key to success. And I speak from experience. The reason is that financial astrology, also in its simplest forms, consists of numerous calculations. That is why WD Gann has been employing a number of astrologers that were just kept busy with doing astrology calculations for him. You can read the most interesting book about financial astrology, but if you cannot apply the knowledge you have learned on a daily basis in a convenient way, that knowledge will be quickly gone.

A combination of new knowledge along with software that can calculate this knowledge is the way I now use to consistently improve the Rosecast Classic update. And I offer this same combination to those traders and investors who choose Rosecast Trader (still a number of copies available), RS Platinum or any mentoring that I offer.

Best regards and happy learning,

Markus Rose

Rosecast Market Timing
From Monday to Wednesday (last week of June) the most important highs and lows have been exactly forecasted with a margin of error of two ticks, despite a range of well over 40 points (160 ticks). While Tuesday high has been given only a 2 rating, this level has been mentioned in the update text of that day: June 26, 2007 - the below has been copied from subscriber area:

"There are several interesting factors which could make this quite a volatile day. Price levels of 1522 and 1507 are crucial, as is a potential high of day at 1518.75-1519.25. I do expect some rally during the day, most likely between 10h30 and 12h00. The afternoon will be particularly interesting and potentially bearish.......
15h50-16h15 T-square Moon, Saturn, Neptune, I invision a fall before this time or during this time period of 25 minutes, a fall after 13h45 is one scenario."




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