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Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various
Financial Futures & Commodities

Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various Financial
Futures & Commodities

A Scientific Approach to Financial Astrology
based on the four elements
Earth, Water, Air and Fire

The "Financial Astrology Manifest"
explains market anomalies and secrets of
Astronomical Market Timing

TRISPECT 3rd part

Rosecast Financial Astrology Newsletter
Written in December of 2007


Dear Readers,

In the last Rosecast newsletter I have introduced the principle of NO ORB to the study of FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY.

Since I have used the word "ORB" in my original defintion of the TRISPECT, it is now time to redefine that definition without having to use the word "ORB".




So here we go:

A ROSECAST TRISPECT is any formation of three planets where the quickest or the slowest moving planet is BALANCING the energies of the two other planets.

BALANCING is achieved, if the quickest or slowest moving planet is forming two 30 degree-type aspects to the two other TRISPECT planets. These two aspects must NOT BE EXACT, but they MUST both show EXACTLY the SAME DIFFERENCE from being exact. This SAME DIFFERENCE restores BALANCE and PINPOINTS the Trispect to an EXACT moment in time.

A 30 degree-type aspect is an aspect of 0, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 or 180 degrees.


Below see an example for THREE TRISPECTS that have occurred on March 24, 2000



Trispect 1) On this day the Sun has been making a Trispect to Jupiter and Mars.
Trispect 2) On this day Mercury has been making a Trispect to Jupiter and Neptune.
Trispect 3) On this day Venus has been making a Trispect to Saturn and Pluto after making a Trispect to Jupiter and Uranus the night before.

Notice that on March 23, 2000 (Thursday) and on March 27, 2000 (Monday) there have not been any important Trispects.




Important Things to Remember about the TRISPECT

1) There are many Trispects occurring (just as there are many aspects), but that does not diminish in any way the importance of the Trispect as a powerful tool of astrology.

2) A Trispect is always more important than a traditional aspect.

3) Depending on the aspects and the planets involved a Trispect can be a cause for a high or a low in the financial markets.


4) Do not worry, if you do NOT understand everything about the TRISPECT or if the above definition is somehow "arcane" to you.

Just look out for three planets instead of two. Be critical, if somebody tells you that two planets are the cause.
This might not be wrong, but be critical, look for a third planet first, before drawing conclusions.

This will help you in your approach to market timing and over time you will likely discover more.
The TRISPECT is a concept of very advanced planetary geomtetry. Therefore even well known (financial) astrologers will not understand it and will criticize it. Yet the Trispect is the one of the most important disocoveries or concepts in modern astrology. The Trispect can naturally be applied to reading personal charts and to learn about unique talents any person possesses.
5) It is not my intention to publish everything that can be known about the Trispect in a free newsletter.
There is more to know about the Trispect than what I have said here, if you are interested ask me about my mentoring program. It will supply you also with unique software for financial astrology.

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With greetings from the stars and planets,
Markus Rose


Scientific Financial Astrology