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Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various
Financial Futures & Commodities

Founded on the Belief that
Astronomical Data is the Biggest Market Anomaly not accounted for in Financial Academics

Known for Precise Predictions of
Turning Dates in various Financial
Futures & Commodities

A Scientific Approach to Financial Astrology
based on the four elements
Earth, Water, Air and Fire

The "Financial Astrology Manifest"
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Astronomical Market Timing

Old Friends

"Through the Force, things you will see..." Master Yoda


In our last Tweets of May 22 and 25 I reviewed all forecasts of the 2015 Annual Forecast Book and I also mentioned whether the Predictions (Made in Galaxy of Rosecast on December of 2014) were SIGNED as Highs or Lows.


The most recent call made in 2014 predicted that Highs in Dow, S&P 500 and Russell will occur on May 20, 2015. In our weekly Rosecast US Indices Newsletter (e-mailed to our members on May 23) my partner Johnny Planet has shown pictures with Gann Planetary Lines that confirmed our forecast and revealed our stop loss-levels  for all of the above mentioned indices. A long story short, these stops were never hit and profits were allowed to accumulate for our members.

But an even more important story than that of US Equities is now unfolding on a global stage: And that is the story of the US Dollar. If the US Dollar is strong, all assets quoted in USD (Bonds, Oil, Gold and Stocks) have a tendency to decline. And therefore the future of the USD is the most important thing that any globally positioned trader wants to know. The biggest counterpart of the USD is the EURO. If the Euro is weak, the USD is strong and vice versa. And there is a small country in Europe, whose GDP is only the size of the US state of Wisconsin (one of the 50 States of America) that has a strong influence on the future value of the Euro versus the Dollar: The name of that country is - GREECE.

When I was still residing in Europe, I always loved to visit Greece, because of her beautiful nature and beaches. But Greece also has long history and ancient culture of wisdom and astronomy.
From an astrological point of view Greece was born on July 24, 1974, because this is the day of the last constitution of Greece.
The planets on July 24, 1974 feature Venus, Mercury and Saturn in the 4th house of Cancer. The 4th house stands for heritage, culture and also food. The Greek people are rightly proud of their heritage and culture with Venus and Mercury in this sector of the Zodiac, while Saturn therein signifies a very ancient culture. The 4th house is squared by the 7th house where the planets Moon, Uranus and Pluto reside in. Pluto brings Drama and Uranus unexpected events to the relationships with Greece. The Moon adds Her Emotions into the mix. So it is this ancient culture on the one hand signified by the Sign Cancer and planets therein that squares with Uranus and Pluto and the emotional Moon in the relationship Sign of Libra that makes the next step in this drama so difficult to anticipate. This conflict is not only about money, it is about proud, culture, self-governance and emotions (the Moon in Libra) and with Uranus (planet of the unexpected and drive for freedom), the outcome is difficult to forecast – even for astrologers. But one thing any astrologer should see: If the transiting planets (the planets that are in June of 2015 above us in the skies) make Square aspects to the planets in the 1974 chart of Greece, then the conflict will be elevated and in the news. And this is what is happening now. Particularly in the last week of June Mars (planet of War) and the Sun (planet of the day and week) will enter into the sign of Cancer where they will be squared by the Lunar Nodes in Libra on June 29 and June 30. These two days indicate the maximum drama from the astrological viewpoint and it is just on these dates that Greece is scheduled to repay its debt after it opted out on the June 5 payments. In astrological language the transiting 2015 Square of the Sun/Mars midpoint with the Mean Node at 5 degrees of Libra and will just fall onto the natal 1974 Square of Venus (planet of Money) with Pluto (planet of Transformation).


I am bringing this example to show you that everything is caused in the stars and that NO BIG THINGS on Earth happen without the stars.
I will close this Tweet with another quote from Master Yoda: “Through the Force, things you will see. Other places, the future…the past. Old friends long gone.”
In my own words: “Through astrology (as astrology is a gift of the Force), things you will see:

“Other places”: Greece (as outlined above)
“the future and past”: EUR will be under pressure until June 29 and 30. USD is destined to rise.
“Old friends long gone”…ask yourself what your own feelings are in this drama and in other dramas in the news that matter to you, and you might then find your “old friends”.

Heavenly Regards,

Markus Rose


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